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The PPP and EPR have established a solid framework in which the cost of environmental protection has to be paid both by industries and consumers. However, the world now confronts the global warming problem, which seems to overrun the boundaries of business ethics, which have been set for solving PPP and EPR.

What is more in need now would be the international political leadership that could guide the world opinion in the direction of carbon dioxide emission control and sustainability of atmospheric conditions.

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Dawn of Business Ethics 2. Institutionalism Evoked 3. O 3 l Selected Countries 5. Abstract: This paper aims at presenting a concise treatment of some key themes of my recent book Morality in a Technological World.

In recent times, non-human beings, objects, and structures - for example computational tools and devices - have acquired new moral worth and intrinsic values. Kantian tradition in ethics teaches that human beings do not have to be treated solely as "means", or as "things", that is in a merely instrumental way, but also have to be treated as "ends".

I contend that human beings can be treated as "things" in the sense that they have to be "respected" as things are sometimes. People have to reclaim instrumental and moral values already dedicated to external things and objects.

To the aim of reconfiguring human dignity in our technological world I introduce the concept of moral mediator, which takes advantage of some suggestions deriving from my previous research on epistemic mediators and on manipulative abduction. I also contend that through technology people can simplify and solve moral tasks when they are in presence of incomplete information and possess a diminished capacity to act morally.

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Moreover, many external things, usually inert from the moral point of view, can be transformed into what we call moral mediators. Hence, not all of the moral tools are inside the head, many of them are shared and distributed in "external" objects and structures which function as ethical devices.

For example we can use external "tools", like computer or biotechnology, to reconfigure previously given social orders morally unsatisfactory. Rugina born to science will be treated. After a description of his career, i will dig somewhat deeper in his relation to waiter eucken and the freiburg school. In this connection his dissertation geldordnungen und geldtypen and the reception in germany will be discussed.

Şi fiii lor au avut alţi copii şi din ei au ieşit neamurile care s-au răspândit pe pământ după potop. Pornind ei înspre răsărit, au dat peste o câmpie şi au descălecat acolo. Haidem să Ne coborâm şi să le încurcăm acolo limba, ca să nu-şi mai înţeleagă vorba unii altora! Later on Or more precisely: the point of resistance sau mai precis punctual de Is dreaming about another existence

Walras and the orientation table. Further on some remarks will be made on rugina as political advisor, founder of the international society for intercommunication of new ideas isini and as editor of the international journal of new ideas ijni.

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Moreover, something will be said on his discussion of max weber on value judgements, and the concept of unification of science interdisciplinarity of all sciences. Biographical notes Eucken and the Freiburg School 2. Thus, one should accept the existence of difference and should come to the idea that one's own identity can be fully understood only through the concept of alterity.

An idea which cannot be easily taken in, as the consciousness of identity is stronger than that of being related to the other, and besides, the mentality that the other is an opponent is yet rather common. Our approach is based on the qualitative methodology which offers the tools and strategies of studying the social facts and of understanding the reasons for their being the way they happen. The hypothesis of our research starts from the idea that cultural changes come out of the need of raising the ability of understanding one's life and the world one lives in.

For the time being, cultural change have been manifesting themselves within the phenomenon of globalization, which as modality of interaction with the whole world has always been a fact. It is only because of the process speeding us that we have become aware of globalization.

Among the fundamental concepts, globalization operates with, there can be mentioned: identity, culture, cultural change sheritage, national specificity. Anthony Giddens, J. Stiglitz, Thomas Friedman, Mark Taylor, Yves Brunsvick, Andre Danzin are only some authors who studied globalization, revealing its opposite dimensions: global or national features, homogeneity and discrimination, integration and fragmentation, centralization and decentralization. The metamorphoses of the present world ask for the replacing of the representation of a people's identity as being circumscribed to a set of invariable values throughout time by a new representation new horizon pierdere în greutate ft mitchell ky identity, based on historicity and cultural change.

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Globalization implies the carrying out and the taking in of some specific cultural changes perceived as transformations produced at the level of behavioural patterns and of symbolic systems pertaining to a national community, respectively to family and social life, to religious, economic life, or to consumption. To our opinion, globalization is neither good, nor bad, neither dangerous, nor efficient in an ideal world. All these attributes are but the traits of behavioural and attitudinal models of the act ion s and projects of all those involved in this complex process which has become stronger and stronger in nowadays' society.

The multidimensional feature of globalization § a 2. The concept of globalization in the cultural field § a J 3. Interventions of the cultural changes in the global processes o a a Le role de la sodoterminologie dans la dynamique de la terminologie touricstique dans le frangais contemporain Nicoleta BOTEZ "George Bacovia" University, Bacau, ROMANIA Keywords: terminology, socio-terminology, term, touristic terminology Abstract: From a linguistic point of view, a terminology does not appear at a first sight as an assemble of notions but as an assemble of expressions naming in the natural language the notions revealing a field of knowledge well thematic.

The term is a symbol, a physical stimulus representing conventionally a notion or an individual object.

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The convention can be exemplified under the form of a notion. It can be better defined under the form of a norm. It can also be defined under better circumstances through consensus and it develops itself under the expression of a job, as it can be sees within some vocabularies dealing about folk jobs, agricultural ones, industrial or touristic.

The present study aims to analyze the political discourse, attempting to de-code its role, its characteristics and their use. In this respect, the problem of ambiguity within the political discourse becomes a central one because, within the political discourse, as contrary to other discourses, the ambiguity as a discursive mechanism has a central role, even a positive one as its performance is concerned.


The methodology is based on pragmatics. Under these circumstances, the work The New horizon pierdere în greutate ft mitchell ky of ambiguity within the political discourse will try to answer to the following research questions: What does ambiguity mean and which are the forms in which it manifests within the political discourse?

Which is the role of ambiguity within the political discourse? The hypothesis of this paper is that the ambiguity is a main condition of success for political discourse. Abstract: Living in "a culture of images, a society of the spectacle, a world of semblances and simulacra" Mitchell, 5every four or five years we are the witnesses of a show which reaches the highest levels of visibility and appearance, and its name is election campaign.

This analysis is based on the following hypothesis: intertextuality based on fairy-tales is a significant persuasive strategy within the process of political creativity. Starting from A. The former notion underlying the cognitive theory on metaphors constitutes the basis of the process of decoding the mental transfer between an animal a wolf and the other political candidate.

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The method of investigation is based on: a. Lacan's theory of the 'four discourses' Evans,particularly the discourse of the master and that of the university; c. Starting from the hypothesis that an intellectual is the holder and 'trumpet' of new ideas, we want to show the reasons why such a cultural type is in full swing in some ages or in full neglect in others, and the effects produced on the society un breeding intellectuals.

The 'death of the individual' and the rise of an institutional structure with its specific language s are elements that build up an intellectual's identity as a discursive effect within culture.

Introduction 1. Why such a topic? What is an intellectual7?

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The 'death of the intellectual' IV. In fact, it is the exploitation of the 'man is a building' theory, according to which humans could be architecturally invested with or, better said, analyzed from an architectural point of view features and concepts generally associated to natural or artificial spaces like gardens, rooms, buildings, cities, etc.

Studying the 18th century literature we observed that henry fielding characterised his characters as spaces, using language referring to architectural elements. Additionally, by emphasizing the external aspects of the characters, the author subtly points to their inner characteristics.

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Characters as space o a a 2. Characters and typologies 3.

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Abstract: This paper deals with recent topics within the context of globalization and within that of the new position that Romania has been since The right to making oneself known means to respect, first of all, the spiritual identity of a nation.